Thursday, January 16, 2014


One of the hardest things about starting a blog is the first posts. What do you write? Introductory things are almost always boring, but launching straight into content seems... abrupt. 

This is kind of both. I'm learning to sew in an attempt to figure out my style, learn a practical skill well and make things that keep the creative control freak within happy. I've been sewing on-and-off since I was a kid, but it started in earnest last year. I followed the Picnic Dress Tutorial  from One Avian Demon, semi-successfully.

Semi? There's definitely a dress. It fits, mostly, and covers all the bits it's meant to. It even looks OK. For something effectively self-drafted, I did pretty well. But the devil's in the details and the details on this dress are horrendous. 

Check that zipper. Yikes. 

Ever since I've been actually sourcing and attempting to follow patterns, with the occasional guidance of my mum and a LOT of internet research. 

The next wearable thing I made was Grainline Studio's Scout Tee; I made 2, both colour-blocked and stiff as boards for being made from homespun: 

My love of Grainline Patterns knows no bounds, so I've made an Archer muslin and some Maritime Shorts too... 

The shorts in particular get a LOT of wear. I've also 'self-drafted' some things, including a cotton summer dressing gown and a simple dress, both from thrifted sheets: 

The dress in particular borrows a lot from the Scout Tee and Colette Patterns' Pastille Dress.

Not shown (except for the Archer) are the gazillion drafts and muslins made of various garments, particularly the Pastille Dress, which I have yet to make a 'real' version of. I figure they make much less interesting viewing than the finished products, generally. 

Soon to come on this blog: actual photos of me in the clothes. First I have to figure out the self-timer on this frigging camera. Stay tuned, and follow @novesseblog on Instagram for more goodies! 

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